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Indie Music Icons

An Icon Community of the Indie Persuasion

* Indie Music Icons *
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This community is for the posting and sharing of icons depicting/supporting/etc independent music. It really is as simple as that. Icons. No advertising. No promotions. No off-topic posts. Just icons, period.

As far as content for these icons, artists that fall under the vague umbrella that is "Indie Rock" are many. There is a myriad of subgenres that are all rooted back to this main genre as well.

Musical taste is RELATIVE. One man's trash is another man's treasure and whatnot. Remember: Everyone's music is different and that difference should be respected. If someone posts icons for artists that you're not interested in, please keep any meanspirited comments to yourselves.

[On the other hand, we are an "independent" music icon community, and there aren't too many mainstream artists that have come from indie roots, so please keep this in mind when posting.]

When making an Icon Post:
*Put all icons behind a cut, be it real or fake.
*You must show at least 2 teasers, no more than 4.
*List all icons in post, with quantities for each band/artist.

You may also request an icon if you are looking for something specific. If you ask nicely, someone may help you out!

That's it, kids!
6ths, aberfeldy, aislers set, akron/family, annie hayden, apples in stereo, arab strap, arcade fire, archers of loaf, asobi seksu, baby dayliner, bad religion, band of horses, banhart, bellafea, belle & sebastian, ben folds, ben gibbard, beulah, björk, blow, boards of canada, boy least likely to, bright eyes, broken social scene, built to spill, camaromance, casiotone, cat power, cftpa, cocorosie, comas, dear nora, death cab for cutie, death from above 1979, decemberists, devendra, dinosaur jr., dntel, doves, elliott smith, explosions in the sky, final fantasy, franz ferdinand, good life, hayden, icons, ida, indie, indie icons, indie music, indie pop, indie rock, indie rock icons, iron & wine, jawbox, jawbreaker, jeff buckley, jenny lewis, jens lekman, jeremy enigk, jets to brazil, joanna newsom, julie doiron, kawaii, kevine devine, knapsack, la casa azul, lady & bird, like young, lo-fi, low, m83, magnetic fields, management, maritime, mates of state, metric, mew, mia verko, mirah, modest mouse, mogwai, moving units, music, music icons, my bloody valentine, neutral milk hotel, new pornographers, of montreal, palomar, paperbacks, pedro the lion, pop, promise ring, q and not u, rachael yamagata, rainer maria, replacements, ride, rilo kiley, rogue wave, rosebuds, rosie thomas, schooner, shins, shoegazer, slowdive, snow patrol, sounds, stars, stereo total, stills, streets, sufjan stevens, sunny day real estate, superchunk, tilly & the wall, trail of dead, twee, unicorns, velvet teen, volcano i'm still excited!!, voxtrot, wir sind helden, wolf parade